wall sculpture, 2015.
“Zenit is the point of the celestial sphere vertically above the observer and the highest point on the celestial sphere.
Zenit is different for different positions of the observer on Earth ..”
Zenit is a wall sculpture made of 38 “Zenit” camera, Russian production, which by its shape suggests the religion that each individual may be different, special and unique. For authors who relate the symbol of Orthodoxy and Russia or Russian camera, this sculpture brings the idea of the new faith, religion interwoven with social networks, instagram and other modern communication systems (social networks), which is an important component and an essential element actually photo camera.

Zenit 03

Zenit 01 Zenit 02  Zenit 04

Made of 38 Zenit cameras / models: 3M, 11, E, EM, ET, TTL

Dimension: 81 x 107 x 10 centimeters