video sculpture/installation, 2016.

TV Praktica is a multimedia installation consisting of two basic media elements: a sculptural element and video work.
Sculptural element is constructed of 39 different old Prakticas, which are produced in Germany since 1949, 19 flashes, 2 additional lenses and steel. It represents a TV set in the narrow sense, a television in the wider. To authors, Television is a place of a new love, a new life, a place where the authors of the exhibition first met.
Video work, which is displayed via a computer, hidden from the eyes of the audience – the plinth sculpture depicts the moment the meeting of two people. That moment became a turning point in their creative, professional and emotional life terms. Music that accompanies the video is the Dennis Ferrer’s track Hey Hey.

Reflections 03

TV Praktica

Made of 39 cameras (Prakticas), 19 flashes and 2 lenses

Dimension: 53 x 45 x 63 centimeters