The Ship

Science fiction Soundscape

Sound-art piece represented in Gallery PM (HDLU) – Zagreb in 2015, during the international soundscape exhibition “Zvucni Pejzazi / Sound Scapes”

zvucni pejzazi

About exhibition

How we perceive sound and how sound environment? How objective define sound? How to display sound?

International Exhibition Soundscapes / Soundscapes in PM Gallery presents works of authors within the soundscape genre offer variety of research approaches and their immediate surroundings.

Soundscape, a relatively young and dynamic direction of sound art can be seen as a unique concept in sound arts. Sub-genre, we can define according to their aesthetic, or ambient values, as well as those conceptual, experimental and documentary, which deserves far greater attention. Presented works of this exhibition is the decision of the author which is sound in creating served as a unique medium for the ambient design of the new reality. The setting works, which is designed to allow refined audience “blindly gazing” and immersion in the work, completed by the unique and magnificent space Extended Media Gallery.



exhibition / opening



This is unusual kind of soundscape, because I created a soundscape that exually didn’t exist. I produced soundscape of robo-alien space ship. So, this is a pure fiction, with real environment soundings.

The Ship

Illustration by Nenad Dodic – Shoné