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IDentities by Just Machine

“An identity card is a public document proving identity of the citizens of the Republic of Serbia.”
“In conformity with the law, an identity card is used as evidence of other facts contained in it.”
(IDENTITY CARD LAW, Published in “Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” No. 62/06)
Analyzing the articles of Identity Card Law, we can establish that citizen’s visual identity is
determined by the photograph in their identity card. In the Republic of Serbia ID photos are taken at
the moment of requesting the issuance of the identity card, in the government agency in charge of
issuing documents (police precinct).
Are those photos the real visual representation of our identities?
With their exhibition titled “Identities”, Dragana and Marko Stojanovic, present to the public a
confrontation of 50 photographs from Serbia’s citizens’ identity cards that legally represent their
identities and photographs that really depict them.
By comparing photographs from ID cards with photos taken by the exhibit’s authors, Dragana and
Marko ask does an identity card really represent citizen’s identity, which is its legal purpose.
Who are we exactly?
Who are the people in our identity cards, in which we often can’t identify ourselves?

STAB Gallery, Belgrade 2015.

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