Multimedia installation, 2015.

ConCerto BWV 1052 is a multimedia installation consisting of two media elements:
Sculptural element, in the form of wall sculpture and
Audio element, reproduced by Ishuffle device and headphones.
Sculptural element represents the first bar of the first concerto for harpsichord, composed by German composer Johann Sebastian Bach called Concerto BWV 1052 (Alegro). Notes that “making sculpture live”, made from 8 Certo-Phot camera, made in Germany, who are the main actors in this installation and soloists-performers. In the title of the work lies the meaning of this installation in which Certo-Phot together with orchestral accompaniment performed the first bar of this famous Bach’s concerto.
Audio element is a reproduction of a sound piece, in which Certo-Phot together with orchestra, performed the first bar of particular concert. The sound of soloists is actually authentic, recorded and modulated sound of the shutter (clicking) of real Certo-Phot camera.

ConCerto BWV 1052 01 ConCerto BWV 1052 02 ConCerto BWV 1052 03

Making of sound element:


Made of 8 CERTO-PHOT cameras, one flash, one IShuffle and one headphones.

Dimension: 66 x 272 x 10 centimeters