April 20, 2016

“Old Cameras” /18-30 Apr.2016/Belgrade

sculpture/installation exhibition


Lobanja profil

Sculpture/installation exhibition by Just Machine, a simple named Old Cameras,  are realized by using old analogue cameras, which are the basic sculptural material. The first stage of the formation of these sculptures and installations is certainly Upcycle principle, reusing objects which lost the original use-value, in this case, into works of art. Over three hundred old Prakticas, Zenits and Kodaks.. carefully and concluded collected from the unit consists of a narrative and subjective set of symbols nature. As the authors state: “… All the works that will be exhibited are themselves a kind of symbols that define our identity.”

location: Velika galerija, Kulturni centar GRAD, Savamala, Belgrade


opening – Photo: Neda Mojsilović

media / press

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